Writing contest winner!

Hi! So if you follow my instagram (@_beautiful._.hurricanes_) then you will know that I hosted a writing contest! You had to write a story with the prompt "The whole land was covered in ice, all but that one tree" and I got such amazing stories! It was really hard to pick the winning story because... Continue Reading →

The secrets of a dark feed

Been a while since I wrote an article. I still have to write 3 book reviews but I just keep forgetting to write them. Anyway, the title already suggests what the content of this post will be. For all of you out there who have always wonder what mysteries lie behind dark feeds, my post... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter spells booktag

At the moment, I actually should be doing other things but you know what they say: Harry Potter tags always come first. Always. 1. Expecto Patronum (A childhood book connected to good memories) This was the firs Rick Riordan book I ever read, and it really got me into reading. I had seen the Percy Jackson... Continue Reading →

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